The case study and its results are presented at scientific conferences, in peer-reviewed and popular articles, and at public presentations. The following relevant publications and media reports have appeared so far:

Scientific publications

Conference contributions

  • EAA 2012: Large-scale archaeological prospection of Iron Age Central Places in Sweden. Immo Trinks, Erich Nau, Klaus Löcker, Manuel Gabler, Michael Pregesbauer, Anders Biwall, Lars Larsson, Michael Doneus and Wolfgang Neubauer. Abstract programme, p. 119. Helsinki, August 30th 2012.
  • Trinks, I.; Neubauer, W.; Nau, E.; Gabler, M.; Wallner, M.; Hinterleitner, A.; Biwall, A.; Doneus, M.; Pregesbauer, M. (2013): Archaeological prospection of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site Birka-Hofgården. In: W. Neubauer, I. Trinks, R. B. Salisbury and C. Einwögerer (Eds.): Archaeological Prospection. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Archaeological Prospection. Wien, Austria, 29.05.-02.06.2013. Wien: Verl. der Österr. Akad. d. Wiss., p. 39-40.
  • Trinks, I.; Neubauer, W. (2011): High-resolution geophysical archaeological prospection of Birka - Results of the georadar and magnetometer test measurements 2006 and 2008. Forskningsdag om Birka och Hovgården. Riksantikvarieämbetet. Stockholm, Sweden, 24.03.2011.

Media reports

Other publications