The Team

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute ArchPro

Wolfgang Neubauer, project initiator, archaeologist, archaeological prospection expert and director of the LBI ArchPro

Klaus Löcker, case study Stonehenge leader, archaeologist and archaeological prospection expert

Mario Wallner, field director, celtologist, experienced ranger and archaeological surveyor

Geert Verhoeven, aerial archaeologist, remote sensing expert and professional photographer

Erich Nau, archaeologist, geophysical archaeological prospection expert

Manuel Gabler, archaeologist, PhD candidate IC ArcPro, experienced archaeological prospector

Alois Hinterleitner, software engineer, data processing and visualization specialist

Immo Trinks, geophysicist, archaeological prospection expert

Thomas Zitz, skilled expert for system design and hardware development

Michael Doneus, landscape archaeologist, remote sensing and aerial archaeology expert

Agata Klimczyk/Lugmayr, remote sensing and airborne laser scanning expert

Vlad Sandici, computer science engineer, experienced prospection hardware and software developer

Jakob Kainz, archaeologist, PhD candidate IC ArchPro, experienced archaeological prospector

Ranko Manojlovic, archaeologist, PhD candidate, experienced archaeological prospector

Julia Wilding, archaeologist and experienced archaeological prospector

Viktor Jansa, archaeologist, PhD candidate, experienced archaeological prospector

Alexandra Vonkilch, archaeologist and expoerienced archaeological prospector

Sebastian Flöry, geometer, experienced archaeological prospector

Christopher Sevara, archaeologist and remote sensing expert, PhD candidate IC ArchPro

Roland Filzwieser, historian, PhD candidate, experienced archaeological prospector

Tanja Trausmuth, archaeologist and experienced prospection expert

Joachim Brandtner, interactive animation and 3D visualization expert

Juan Torrejón-Valdelomar, archaeologist and 3D visualization expert

Elisabeth Schadek, adminsitration and accounting specialist with handson prospection experience

Matthias Kucera, physicist, archaeologist, prospection and 3D laser scanning expert

Matthias Nöster, accountant and project management

Guglielmo Strapazzon, archaeologist, PhD candidate and prospection expert

Lisa Aldrian, prospection assistant

Nico Neubauer, prospection assistant

Rubina Bergauer, prospection assistant

Olivia Senk, prospection assistant

Jutta Rasel, prospection assistant

Erik Zitz, prospection assistant

University of Bradford

Vincent Gaffney, project initiator, national project leader, director VISTA, archaeologist and expert on the Stonhenge landscape

Christopher Gaffney, archaeological geophysicist, international prospection expert

Tom Sparrow, archaeologist, software and hardware designer

Robert Fry, archaeological geophysicist

University of Birmingham

Eamonn Baldwin, archaeologist, 3D laser scanning and archaeological prospection expert, national project coordinator

Henry Chapman, landscape archaeologist and digital visualisation expert

Paul Garwood, archaeologist and expert on the Stonehenge landscape

Helen Moulden, 3D laser scanning expert

Phil Murgatroyd, 3D visualisation expert and archaeological prospector

Ron Yorston, software engineer

University of St Andrews

Richard Bates, Earth scientist and geophysicist

University of Nottingham (Ningbo, China)

Eugene Ch’ng, Computer scientist, agent-based modelling and complexity science expert

University of Lampeter

Martin Bates, Archaeologist and geomorphologist

University of Ghent (ORBit)

Marc Van Meirvenne, Soil and Earth scientist, proximal soil sensing expert

Philippe De Smedt, Geophysicist, Geoarchaeologist

Timothy Saey, Geophysicist, Bio-engineer